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This one-year course is intended for those who wish to work as professional Tarot Readers.

The course covers the Tarot in depth together with psychic and personal development training to enable you to act as an intuitive Tarot counsellor. Business and marketing skills are also included so you can become fully equipped to earn a living working with the Tarot.

No experience or knowledge is required in order to attend this course. However, the training is intensive and in-depth and therefore requires commitment and dedication. In addition to attendance in class, case studies, written assignments, and other homework exercises are included. Assessment will take the form of written assignments and formal examinations (theory and practice). Certificates are available upon successful completion of each year's training.

The aim of this course is to train you to an extremely high level. By the end of this course you will have an extremely detailed and broad knowledge of the Tarot together with solid personal and professional Tarot reading skills. You will be fully capable of entering the world of the Professional Tarot Reader with confidence and expertise.

Becoming a Tarot reader of the highest order is more than just learning the cards, it is a journey of personal development.

Course Structure

Classes takes place one evening per week, comprising roughly 100 hours of class time.

Written assignments will cover research into specific aspects of the Tarot. Students will be encouraged to select topics which match their own interests. Students will submit case studies of actual readings done outside class. There is an examination at the end of the course in order to gain professional certification. Students who have shown adequate attendance but fail the exam will be awarded a certificate of attendance.

We will also have fun and enjoy ourselves.

Course Contents

The course consists of three strands; practical reading techniques, in-depth knowledge of the Tarot itself, and personal development. These strands consist of the following modules:

  • Background to the Tarot - Evolution of the Tarot, Major Decks (eg: Waite, Thoth), The Golden Dawn, Impact of Modern Psychoanalysis
  • Structure & Dynamics of the Deck - Overview (The Two Arcanas, Court Cards, Number Cards, The Suits), The Major Arcana in Depth, The Minor Arcana in Depth, Papus and the Energetic Interactions in the Deck
  • Card Layouts & Spreads - The Major Layouts, Obscure and Special-Purpose Layouts
  • Knowledge Systems Inherent in the Cards - Cabbala, Numerology, Astrology, Mythology
  • Developing Your Relationship with the Tarot - Finding Your Special Deck, Connecting with the Cards, Tarot Mediations, the Living Tarot, Becoming a "Reader"
  • Psychic Development - Introductory Metaphysics, Psychic Protection, Intuition and Channelling, Space Maintenance
  • Advanced Tarot Applications - Mythic Mapping, Psychodrama
  • Business Practice - Being in Business, Insurance and Legal Considerations, Record Keeping, Marketing, Counselling VS Reading

Course Dates -
Our current 2010/2011 course is fully booked out we will have dates for next diploma by April 2011

The course begins in November 2010 and finishes at the end of May 2011
The course runs every Tuesday night from 7-10pm
There is one weekend , the first weekend in December

Course Dates

November: 2/19/16/23/30
December: 7/14
December: Sat 4/Sun 5 Energy Management & Protection -9.00am-6.00pm
January: 18/25
March: 1/8/15/22/29
April: 5/12/19

Course Fees

Payment Methods & Bookings
Special offer: If full fees paid at start of course €600.00 –non refundable
• Paid for in 6 minimum monthly instalments = €750.00 @ €125.00 per month. Deposit is €150.00.
• Please note that all fees are non-refundable and all minimum payments must be met each month



You are welcome to pay by:

1) Cash

2) Cheque – made out to Green Tara College

3) Direct Debit

4) Postal Order

Where to Pay

1) Post: You may post payments to our office as follows: M. Fagan, Green Tara, Boyerstown, Navan, Co. Meath. Please make sure you write your email and postal address and two contact telephone numbers when booking.

2) By hand: You may hand in payments at the College Rooms at Tara Rooms, Railway Street, Navan (check for opening times and please arrange to call in first, thank you)

3) Direct Debit : contact Majella for details

4) Cheques must be made out to Green Tara College

Remember to Include with your application:
• Completed Enrolment Form
• Non-refundable deposit
• Copy of previous body qualifications & ITEC number if you have previously studied with ITEC

When Posting: Please supply your email and phone numbers so we can get in contact with you, thanking you.



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