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Certificate in Energy Management


16 Hours


1 weekend

Next Available Course -Level 1

Next Course:
November 2017 :
Saturday 11 & Sunday 12
January Saturday 20 & Sunday 21 2018

Fee: €150.00

This course is open to all who wish to gain a qualification in energy management and who desire to learn about energy management and self well-being.

New Course -Level 2- energy management coming in Spring 2017!

Subjects covered:

• What is energy and understanding energy
• Correct breathing, breath and energy
• Why we need protection
• Techniques for protection
• Techniques to increase the therapist’s energy and energy ability
• The mind and energy
• Room clearance
• Room blessing
• House clearance
• House blessing
• Helping the clients to heal through energy
• Increasing the effect of the treatment incorporating subtle energy techniques
• Working with guides and angels for protection
• Attracting all that is good and beautiful
• Techniques for dealing with negative and psychic attack
• Manifesting with energy
• Creating a safe energetic space to work in
• Dealing with ‘heavy energy’ clients
• Grounding
• Grounding in your everyday life
• Grounding during your treatment
• Protecting the client
• Grounding the client
• Bringing healing to the client

Academic Awards

Green Tara Certification in Energy Management


Contact Majella at the office for application forms and further details 0469060600



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