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ITEC Sports Massage Diploma trainingITEC Diploma in Sports Massage
Level 3, Level 4

Starts in May - monthly weekend course

The most comprehensive and thorough training in Ireland

Sports Injury level 3 & 4

Course Overview

The ITEC Sports Massage training course is intended for those who wish to train to work with injuries and Sports Massage.

The course covers Sports Massage & the treatment of injuries in-depth

The aim of this course is to train you to a very high level. By the end of this course you will have an extremely detailed and broad knowledge of Sports Massage

Students are presented with the theory and practice of Sports Massage, from pre-event, post-event and maintenance for treating sports injuries and acute stress.

Upon successfully completion you will be fully capable and confident of entering the world of the Professional Sports Massage Therapist with internationally recognized qualifications: ITEC Diploma in Sports Massage, Green Tara College Certificate in Energy Management & Awareness (optional choice).

For existing practitioners Sports Massage it is an excellent addition to your present practitioner skills thus widening the scope of potential clients for your clinical practice.

You have the option of attending the Energy Management weekend (no extra fee) and learning about the Holistic & spiritual aspect of being a therapist and the energetic impact of injuries and pain on the human body, mind & spirit. This weekend has a strong emphasis on personal development, energy protection and the understanding of ourselves and thus our clients in 'life'. It is a firm favourite with all students

Course Content:

  1. Advanced Anatomy & Physiology specific to Sports Massage
  2. Sports massage techniques
  3. Causes & effects of diseases and disorders and their effects on sports
  4. Principals of training and effects of over training
  5. Principals & effects of force and motions
  6. Principal of injury prevention & management
  7. Management & care of the spine, joints & limbs
  8. Rehabilitation training, principles of stretching, using mediums to support improvement
  9. Effects & symptoms of inflammation, scars, adhesion
  10. Contraindications & considerations to sports massage
  11. Treating injury treatment, pre-event, during/between event, post event, corrective, preventative, conditioning massages
  12. Plenty of practical & theory including case studies, examination and preparation classes
  13. Energy management, awareness, people skills and treating injuries from an energetic perspective (optional module).

Business and marketing skills are included so you can become fully equipped to earn a living within the Sports & Injuries Field.

Course Schedule & Books

The Consice Book of Muscles
Sports & Remedial Massage Therapy by Mel Cash

Holistic Massage & Anatomy Module:
(you may be exempt if you already hold this module qualification) see holistic massage page for 3 options to choose from.

Current Sports level 5 & level 6 dates

Sports Massage Theory & Practical:
Every Monday night starting in November. (Times:7-10pm)
If you hold massage.
(If you don't have massage every Monday and Tuesday night)

Exam: May 2018

Entry Requirements

ITEC require that you either already hold massage qualifications (not necessarily ITEC can be from another College or FETAC etc.) e.g. a Diploma in Swedish Massage or Holistic Massage or ITEC Indian Head Massage or take the following subjects with the Sports Massage course.

The ITEC Sports Massage Diploma level 3 and level 4 can be taken along with the ITEC Holistic Massage & Anatomy qualification on a Tuesday night and the two link together exceptionally well and enhance the learning of each other.

We offer a special fee of €1995.00 for all these qualifications (not including exam fees of €360.00 in total) = ITEC Diplomas in Sports Massage Level 3 & level 4 UK, Holistic Massage, Anatomy & Physiology, Business - Unit 22, , Energy Management compulsory for holistic massage module

For level 3 sports , holistic swedish massage and anatomy the offer is €1495.00 (exam fees not included)

Payment Structure - ITEC Sports Massage Diploma Level 3 & 4

Fees can be paid for in installments-
For Level Sports 3 only -a minimum fee of €350.00 per month with a deposit of €450.00

Course Fees: Special offier
€1995.00 & €360.00 examination fees

Special Offer for Complete Diplomas in ITEC Holistic Massage & Sports Massage & Anatomy & Business

We offer a special reduction for sports and holistic massage (not including exam fees).

The overall qualifications are as follows:
1. ITEC Diploma in Massage, Anatomy & Physiology, Business & Client Care,  Green Tara College Energy Management & Awareness Certificate. €1495.00 + €180.00 exam fee for this course on its own
2.  Sports Massage  €1595.00  + €180.00 exam fees  on its own 

Total for both Diplomas without exam fees (without special offer)   = €3100.00
Special offer for Holistic Swedish Massage & Sports level 5   Diplomas only (not including exam fees )= €2500.00 -saving €590.00!

  • In the current financial climate we are delighted to be able to offer students the opportunity to pay by monthly installments at no extra cost– minimum agreed payment must be paid before class on the set date each month and all fees must be paid by  the agreed date. 
  • Each installment is completely non-refundable
  • Please note that if a student enrolls on the training programme and leave the course during the year for any reason that they will still be liable for full course fees.
  • Students are welcome to pay off the fees as quickly as they wish

Special offer for Swedish massage Level 5 & sports level 5 & 6 = €2995.00 (exam fees extra)
Diplomas Awards
ITEC Diploma in Holistic Massage (Sweedish)
ITEC Diploma in Sports Therapy Level 5
ITEC Diploma in Sports Injury Massage Level 6
ITEC Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology
ITEC Certificate in Professional Holistic Business
Green Tara College Certificate in Energy Management and Diploma in Holistic Healing Massage and Sports



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